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Human First Vision


VIA University College, the Central Denmark Region, Aarhus University and the 19 Municipalities in the Central Denmark have accomplished substantial results in the attempt to improve conditions for patients and citizens as well as employees and students.

With Human First we have an ambition to work together on further strengthening research and education efforts in healthcare, at both the university college educations and the university educations. At the same time, we want ongoing attention on how research, education and practice interact and how they are mutually beneficial to each other.

Here we describe the vision and foundation of our cooperation. With this as our point of reference, we will continually choose focus areas which will contribute to realising the vision and which reflect significant development trends in society and in healthcare. The focus areas are to work as beachheads for the continuing cooperation and proceed in parallel to other new and existing initiatives.

It is crucial that we convert the ambitions into concrete actions that will yield visible results. These actions and their results are to benefit the 1.2m citizens in the region, and contribute to a healthier life for all people on earth. We cannot do this alone.

General practitioners, private companies and other stakeholders are crucial collaborators, and we invite them all to cooperate broadly across the health care sector, for the benefit of the citizens.

We also want to send the message that Human First is an ambitious and desirable partner – even for the corporate world and international institutions.

Aase Lydiksen
Dean, VIA University College, VIA Health

Head of Corporate Management, the Central Denmark Region

Anne-Mette Hvas
Dean, Health, Aarhus University

Anette Ørbæk Andersen
Director, Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality

Human First

VIA University College, the Central Denmark Region, Aarhus University and the Municipalities has a long tradition of working together on research, development and education in health care. Our common ambitions are so high that we can only meet them through close cooperation, and through working with the strongest scientific partners in the world.

The vision for Human First:

Cooperation on groundbreaking research, development, education and clinic (prevention, management, diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation)  – for better health and society. The vision builds on this common foundation for cooperation:

Human First

When VIA University College, the Central Denmark Region, Aarhus University and the Municipalities join forces in Human First, it is not just to optimise the regions health care services. It is neither just to coordinate research, education and treatment in the health care sector. It is with a dream of making central Denmark the healthiest place on earth. For the people who live here. And for the people who don’t. 

The strategy is simple: Human First.